Welcome to the web-portal of Fruit-Inform, the leading informational, analytical and consulting agency specialized in the fruit and vegetable markets of Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries!


Fruit-Inform (АПК-Информ: овощи и фрукты – APK-Inform: Vegetables & Fruits in Russian) is consulting fruit and vegetable business agency, a subsidiary of APK-Inform, which provides services to agrarian companies throughout the world and specializes in market information, market analyses, and in coordinating and organizing high-profile fresh produce industry events.


APK-Inform’s subsidiary Fruit-Inform was first (and remains the only) company to launch professional daily monitoring and analysis of Ukraine’s fresh produce market. Fruit-Inform’s involvement in this sector began in 2003, when it won USAID’s bid to help US Company Land O’Lakes, Inc. implement a four-year Ukraine Agricultural Marketing Project.

Fruit-Inform (initially called Agroogliad: ovochi ta frukty) first analyzed fresh produce market of Ukraine only but later expanded its operations to include Russia and Poland into its monitoring system.


Fruit-Inform's portfolio of services includes the following: