The 3rd International Conference
«Apple Business of Ukraine & Russia – 2013»

Shakhtar Plaza Hotel, 15 Germana Titova Ave., Donetsk, Ukraine

August 15-16, 2013

Day 1. August 15, 2013


Registration of conference participants


Opening ceremony

Welcoming speech from organizers and sponsors

Session 1. The market for fresh apples in Ukraine, Russia and the world. Trends and production outlook for the season 2013/14


The global and European apple markets: forecasts for the next season and short-term outlook. WAPA data, according to Prognosfruit 2013 results

Ievgen Kuzin, International Relations Manager, Fruit-Inform, Ukraine


The Russian and Ukrainian apple markets: present situation and outlook. Production, price, exports and imports forecast for the season 2013/14

Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform, Ukraine


Comparative analysis of apple business investment projects in Ukraine and the Netherlands

Nico de Groot, Project Manager, DLV Plant, the Netherlands


Investment attractiveness of growing different apple varieties. Professional's view

Anatoliy Sichkar, General Director, Crimean Fruit Company, Ukraine

Session 2. Modern apple growing technologies. Master-classes from sector experts


Approaches to selection of trees during setting out an apple orchard

Yevgeniy Rassokha, Director of Pilot Farm of Artemivsk Nursery Experimental Station, Ukraine


Madex Twin: a new Granulovirus product as a pest control tool against both Cydia pomonella and Grapholita molesta

Alex Meyer, Representative of Biotech Systems, Ukraine


Modern approaches to high-yielding apple growing

Vladimir Osadchiy, Master of Agriculture, Advisory Agriculturalist, Sedna-Agro, Ukraine


Measuring of optimal ripeness of fruits for harvesting

Nina Dmitrash, Head of Fruit Project, Ukraine


With new varieties towards the future market

Laszlo Lesko, Sales Manager, Holland Plant, Ukraine


Innovations in apple and pear production: satellite farming and frost resistant pear rootstock Quince Eline

Frederique Vogel, Representative of Roseta Agro, the Netherlands


Machinery and equipment for apple orchards

Irina Yevtushenko, Director, Ukrainian Vegetable Company, Ukraine


Lunch break (press-conference for journalists)


Crop treating in apple orchard. Protection against frosts and hail. Overview of most important tools at hand of agronomist

Sergey Gavrishev, Adviser to Chairman of Board of Svarog West Group Corporation, Ukraine

Session 3. Apple handling, processing, packaging and storage technologies.


Assessment of different apple storage elements' influence on costs saving in Ukraine

Konstantin Shvets, General Director, Fito-Mag, Russia


Right choice of storage and handling equipment for your fruits is a guarantee of success in the market
Sergey Sidorenko, Director, AltraconK, Ukraine


Apple storage solutions from domestic professionals

Vitaliy Salasenko, Head of Technical Department, Insolar, Ukraine


Poland as the center of apple production and the most up-to-date fruit storage technologies

Pawel Baranski, Chlodnie KA Baranski, Poland


Innovative technologies to improve Ukrainian fruit and vegetable industry

Alexandra Caminschi, Sales Manager, Unitec S.p.A., Italy


Modern equipment for apple processing

Vadim Kuzminskiy, European Fruit Technologies, Ukraine


Heat insultation of fruit and vegetable storehouses with the use of polyurethane foam

Aleksandr Adamchik, Ukrekotek, Ukraine


Corrugated packaging as the main type for the apple business

Tomasz Jasielski, Director, Mondi Dorohusk Sp. z o.o., Poland

Aleksandr Anisimov, Director, Vital Trade, Ukraine

Session 4. Modern approaches to apple marketing. External trade in apples


Ukrainian apple exports. Importers' requirements to quality, handling, packaging

Tatiana Basarab, International Relations Director, Krasnograd Vegetable Factory, Ukraine


Imported and domestic apples on the Ukrainian supermarkets' shelves: seasonality, volumes, quality

Fedor Andreytsov, Senior Fruit & Vegetable Purchasing Manager, Fozzy Group of Companies, Ukraine


Gala-dinner for conference participants

Day 2. August 16, 2013


Regitration of business-tour participants

Morning coffee


Business-tour to Pilot Farm of Artemivsk Nursery Experimental Station

Yevgeniy Rassokha, Director of Pilot Farm of Artemivsk Nursery Experimental Station, Ukraine