The 5th International Conference
«Apple Business of Ukraine-2015»

August 13-14, 2015, Kleopatra Hotel,

19, Tatarska St, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Ukraine


Day 1. August 13, 2015


Registration of conference participants

Sessoin 1. The Ukrainian and global markets for fresh apples. Development trends and production forecast for the season 2015/16


Conference opening ceremony

Greeting words from organizers and sponsors


The global and European apple markets: short- and middle-term forecasts

Ievgen Kuzin, International Relations Manager at Fruit-Inform, Ukraine


The Ukrainian apple market: situation and development trends. Production, price, export and import forecast for the season 2015/16

Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform, Ukraine


Introduction of apple orchards into agriholding structure as promising diversification of production facilities

Sergeg Gavrishev, Director at Dnister, Ukraine

Session 2. Modern apple growing technologies. Master-classes from sector experts


Efficient system of apple orchard protection from pests and diseases with the use of Syngenta products

Vladimir Voyevodin, Specialty Crops Technical Expert at Syngenta, Ukraine


Peculiarities of apple irrigation techniques and regime

Sergey Ryabkov, Design & Engineering Office at IVPiM NAAN, Ukraine


Biological protection of fruit crops

Aleksandr Rosputnyi, Agronomist at Rodonit, Ukraine


Modern protection products for apples under conditions of all climatic zones in Ukraine

Stepan Logoyda, Fruit & Berry Crop Manager at Bayer CropScience, Ukraine


Profitable apple producing by anticipating on global trends: organic apples, red flesh apples, low allergenic apples

Valeriy Lyashinskiy, Technical Director at Rosetta Agro, Ukraine


Introduction of intensive technologies into fruit growing with the use of Intermag (Poland) microfertilizers

Petr Korman, Official Representative in Ukraine, Intermag, Poland


Growing technologies and economical assessment of conventional and disease resistant apple varieties

Bela Cehla, Director at Holland Plant Ukraine


Lunch break


Master class. Economic efficiency of an intensive apple orchard in Ukraine: technologies, economics, risks

Aleksandr Samoylenko, Director of Fruit & Nut Growing Department at APK Mais, Ukraine


Panel discussion. Apple growing under new economic conditions. What to save on? What to focus on in a new season?

Chaired by Nina Dmitrash, Fruit Project, Ukraine

Session 3. Apple handling, processing, storage and packaging technologies


Heat insultation of fruit and vegetable storehouses with the use of polyurethane foam

Aleksandr Adamchik, Ukrekotek, Ukraine


Master-class from Livio Fadanelli, International Expert, specially invited by Fito-Mag, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy

- apple optimal ripeness terms;

- protection against sunburns;

- fight with rot after harvesting;

- formulas for successful storage of dirrent apple varieties


Assessment of different apple storage elements' influence on costs saving in Ukraine

Konstantin Shvets, General Director at Fito-Mag


Fruit storage 2.0. CA-storage equipment and sorting lines. Step into future

Hans Reimerink, Area Sales Manager, Van Amerongen CA Technology B.V., Netherlands


Apple storage in dynamically controlled atmosphere: Isostore (DCA Isostore)

Vitaliy Shinkarenko, Refrigeration Equipment Engineer at DP Elektronika, Ukraine

Session 4. Modern approaches to apple marketing. External trade


Clustering prospects in Ukrainian apple business. Distinctions from cooperation, advantages, pitfalls

Dmitriy Shestakov, Vice-President for Strategy & Analysis, Ukrainian Cluster Development Agency


Panel discussion. Cooperation between growers and supermarket chains – what should a supplier get ready to?

Chaired by Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform, Ukraine


Summing-up of the 1st conference day


Gala-dinner for conference participants

Day 2. August 14, 2015


Registration of the business-tour participants


Business-tour to Gauka Farm

  • different approaches to intensive apple growing in orchards 3-12 years old;
  • machinery used during apple orchard management, spraying, prunning etc.;
  • modern apple storage:
    • storage with cooling;
    • CA-storage;
  • apple pre-sale handling line;
  • introduction of own corrugated packaging production line in a farm's structure