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January 26 2016, 16:48 Fruit-Inform

Azerbaijani fruit production doubles over past 10 years!

Azerbaijani fresh fruit and berry production totals about 1 mln tons now, twice as high as in 2005, and Fruit-Inform analysts see high potential in the fruit and vegetable sector in Azerbaijan, which will be unlocked in the nearest few years.

The stonefruit segment shows the most intensive development rate with an increase of 250% in apricot production over the past decade and a rise of 300% in production of peaches and nectarines over the same period!

Production of pome fruits has been growing less rapidly, but the past decade's results are also impressive: production of apples and pears has grown by 100% and 50%, respectively. Similar situation is observed in the segment of berries, which production has almost doubled over the past 10 years.

Fruit-Inform analysts are sure that positive production trend will only intensify in the nearest years thanks to the factor of intensively developing sector, which is shown by evolution of yields in Azerbaijani orchards. According to the official statistics, orchards' productivity has grown by 50-100% in the country in the past decade.

The market experts see an increase in exports as the main driver for the sector development. In addition, Azerbaijan exports about a half of annually produced volumes of stonefruits. Moreover, the demand for Azerbaijani produce will only be growing in the external market thanks to significant changes in the market environment in countries near and far abroad.

We would remind you that leading sector experts will discuss the Azerbaijani fruit and vegetable sector development within a fresh produce session at Caspian & Black Sea Agrarian Congress, which is to take place on April 12-13, 2016, Baku, Azerbaijan. All congress participants will be able to learn more about the recent trends in the global fruit and vegetable market as well as technological novelties in produce production and handling, a necessary part of the export development plans.