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April 7 2016, 10:04 Fruit-Inform

Program of Ukraine's leading berry business event updated

The program of the 7th International Conference «Berries of Ukraine-2016. Frozen Produce & Fresh Market» is updated and almost fully completed.

For the present, the following presentations have been confirmed:

- The Ukrainian market for key berry crops. Present situation & outlook. Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform

- The Ukrainian market for organic berries in Ukraine. Certification of berry farms as a necessary element for export. Yelena Berezovskaya, Head of Organic Ukraine (Ukrainian Organic Producers Union)

- Most promising berry crops for export. Shipments of Ukrainian berries to the Scandinavian market – reality of 2016. Tor Utsogn, Abiel Nordic, Norway

- Technological peculiarities of organic berry production. Crops for successful organic berry exports. Oleg Shubrat, Dmitriy Zubakha, Founders of Kiyevskiy Cooperative, Ukraine

- Master class. New berry production technologies for key crops in Ukraine. Oleg Bosyi, Berry Market Expert, Ukraine

- Master class. Right approach to choice of berry plants: from production to planting. Erman Eroglu, Production Director, Adana-3, Ukraine

- Master class. Successful introduction of specialty berry crops in a farm's structure: gooseberries, blackberries, honeysuckles etc. Aleksandr Yareschenko, Head of Fruit and Berry Crops Selection and Technological Department of Horticultural Institute of NAASU

- Foreign experience in berry business: crops, technologies, marketing. Yarek Bien, Member of the Board, Polskie Jagody, Poland

- The Ukrainian market for frozen raspberries. Raspberry exports in a new season: outlook, markets, requirements. Marianna Vakulchik, Representative of Harvest Trade, Ukraine

- Benefits of freezing fresh berries. Secrets of smart shock freezing. Camilla Khrulova-Nygren, Area Sales Manager, OctoFrost AB, Sweden

- Turnkey berry handling solutions. Michael Nyborg, Regional Sales Director, Cabinplant A/S, Denmark

- Polish experience in high-quality IQF technology. Jan Kania, Representative of Unidex, Poland

- Buhler solutions in optical sorting of fruits and berries. Andrey Sharan, Head of Grain Processing and Optical Sorting Department, Representative Office of Buhler AG in Ukraine

- Modernisation and increasing efficiency of equipment for berry business. Alla Kostenko, Commercial Director, Sistemy Modernizatsii Skladov, Ukraine

- Right approach to choice of packaging for berries. Key mistakes. Aleksandr Anisimov, Founder of Sunpak, Ukraine

We would remind you that the 7th International Conference «Berries of Ukraine-2016. Frozen Produce & Fresh Market» will start its work on May 19, Apelsin Hotel, Cherkasy, Ukraine, and on the second conference day (May 20) all registered participants will be able to visit Adana-3, one of the leading farms of the region, which produces both fresh berries and high-quality berry plants.

Key conference audience: berry and cherry growers (more than 50%), processing enterprises, representatives of wholesale and retail trade, suppliers of inputs and equipment, plants, agrichemistry etc.

The conference program, conditions of participation, advertising opportunities, sponsorship packages and application form are available on

Would you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

tel: +380 562 320795 (ext. - 341)

cell: +380 96 5836323 (Ievgen Kuzin)

e-mail: [email protected]