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March 14 2003, 10:56 APK-Inform

7th International Specialized Exhibition of food, drinks, ingredients, packaging and food industry equipment - InterFood

The exhibition will take place from 14 through 17 of April 2003 in the exhibition centre Lenexpo, Gavan, St.Petersburg, in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pavilions.

The exhibition organizers are: British exhibition company ITE Group Plc., its official partner in St. Petersburg, PRIMEXPO and

Restek, with support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Administration and the government of Leningrad region, and the Union of the Food Ingredients’ producers.

Exhibition sectors:

InterFood is planning to keep leadershipas the largest food exhibition in the North-West. In 2003 over 3,000 products from 450 companies and 25 countries will be showcased on over 10,000 square meters of the exhibition space.

InterFood-2003 will feature the production capacity of the following companies:

RBD Trade Commercial Company - our city’s largest importer and wholesaler, International Business Club (MBK) - the largest Russian supplier of deep-frozen products, Borodino Company - soft drinks producer, confectionery producers - Krupskaya enterprise, Saratov confectionery enterprise, Spartak, ABK Concern, Khazer Baba, Ulker, Bestler, Vimm Bill Dann, Hlebny Dom, tea suppliers - Tea Board of India, SDS Сhaj, Inter-Chaj - will represent a large number of tea and coffee brands, the supplier of the baking equipment, Alitet; the producers of oil and butter products - Efko, Nizhegorodsky food oils plant, AT, the suppliers of fish products - Kamea, Alfa, Meridian, Rock 1, Severny Mir, Santa Bremor, meat-processing enterprises - Matera, Olev, Mikoyan, Novye resursy, etc.

For the third time, there will be widely covered the specialised section INGREDIENTS. Over 50 companies will present their products. Additionally, the large number of specialists will take part in a seminar programme and "round tables", conducted with support of the Union of Food Ingredients’ producers.

The raw materials for the food industry, new technologies, equipment and packaging will be featured in the exhibits by FOODPACK and INTERFOODTECH exhibition, which will have increased exhibit space this year.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of the exhibition, for the first time in InterFood-2003, the sections INGREDIENTS and INTERFOODTECH will be shown in the same pavilion.

For the first time after the 1998 crisis, InterFood will have a considerable presence of German companies. The German province of Schleswing-Holstein is planning to present its producers here.

This year the exhibition is waiting the large influx of Polish companies. Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry has chosen InterFood-2003 for promotion of Polish national companies.

Additionally, InterFood-2003 will bring back everybody’s favorite, although lately forgotten taste of Baltic products - butter, sour cream, meat delicatessen (featured by Estonian Rakvere enterprise). For the first time after the "cold season" in Russian-Baltic relationships, the exhibitsion of Baltic countries will be present at InterFood. According to InterFood exhibition director, Anna Semenova, Latvian Association of Fish-processing Enterprises, uniting seven plants; Latvian dairy producers and Lithuanian food industry machinery producers are planning to participate in this year’s exhibition.

InterFood-2003 will have a wide business and contest program for its participants:

What is InterFood
InterFood-2003 facts:

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