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October 3 2001, 15:06 APK-Inform

Priorities in budget financing of AIC are changing

Despite total budget allocations for AIC in draft budget 2002 increased by 250 million hryvnyas, financing of articles of expenditure that concern support of agricultural production was cut almost two times in comparison to the current year, First Deputy Head of Agrarian committee under the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Yukhnovskiy announced. At the same time, in his words, it is presupposed to significantly enrich expenditure under other articles, such as organization of AIC enterprises' activity regulation (from 160 million hryvnyas to 300 million hryvnyas), invigoration and rest of kids, social activities, popularization of work of the Ministry of Agrarian Politics, information support in AIC and other expenditures for work management.

O. Yukhnovskiy pointed out that along with that reduces of financing "of specific ways of financial and budget support that have worked efficiently" is provided for. In particular, this is compensation of credit interest rates of commercial banks (reduced from 275 million hryvnyas this year to 150 million hryvnyas in the draft budget) and target subsidies (reduced from 154 to 40 million hryvnyas) - "two directions of budget financing that have actually supported agricultural production".

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