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October 26 2001, 17:17 UkrInform

The process of reforming at the agrarian sector becomes irreversible after approval of the Land Code

Minister of Agrarian Politics Ivan Kirilenko named approval of the Land Code a big victory of President's reforms at the agrarian sector. If it weren't approved, the Minister pointed, hardly anybody would get back to it in the nearest years. After approval of the Land Code farmers received a real possibility to speed up reforms at the agrarian sector, make this process irreversible and improvements - stable.

The Land Code, as Ivan Kirilenko said, provides land moving in Ukraine that gives a real possibility of effective long-term crediting of agro-industrial complex, without which reforms at the agrarian sector are impossible. Renewal of equipment, implementation of new technologies, solution of social problems are connected with it. The Ministers is sure that one hryvnya invested in land now brings profit of four times more than in Western Europe.

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