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November 8 2001, 17:07 APK-Inform

L. Zinchenko: Implementation of export duty on sunmeal is nonsense

Currently there's an idea to implement an export duty on sunmeal, General Director of "Ukroliyaprom" association Lyudmila Zinchenko announced. According to her, the Ministry of Agrarian Politics has already prepared this bill (earlier the Ministry allowed possibility of implementation of an export duty on sunmeal arguing this step by the necessity of stimulation compound feed industry work).

At the same time Lyudmila Zinchenko named these initiatives nonsense. Firstly, this is connected with sunmeal storing period that according to standards is limited by three months; secondly, process of sunmeal storing is very complicated and expensive. As a result, the General Director of "Ukroliyaprom" forecasts that this measure may simply "stop processing".

The association reacting to perspectives of implementation of an export duty, in L. Zinchenko's words, "has written a motivated protest". In particular, experts of the association doubt livestock industry needs 1 million tons of sunmeal thinking that only about 200 thousand tons are used, while along with soy meal consumption reaches 270 thousand tons.

L. Zinchenko presupposed that the government won't put this bill on the agenda for the Parliament review.

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