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January 18 2013, 11:02 Fito-Mag

Kazakhstan increases apple imports in 2012/13

In October-November 2012, Kazakhstan's apple imports reached 24,000 tonnes that was over a half of total import volumes over the first 5 months of the season 2012/13.

In particular, Kazakh companies imported 12,400 tonnes of apples in October 2012, while imports in the following month reached 11,600 tonnes. At the same time, cumulative imports over these two months were 7% lower year-on-year, according to the official statistics.

Nevertheless, in general, Kazakhstan's apple import performance is quite positive: in the first 5 months of the season 2012/13, the country raised imports by 19% year-on-year to 43,000 tonnes.

Kyrgyzstan remained the main apple exporter to Kazakhstan. At the same time, imports from this country fell by 22% to 18,000 tonnes.

Poland ranked second in apple exports to Kazakhstan and tripled volumes year-on-year to 8,300 tonnes.

China was the third largest exporter to the country with export volumes amounting to 6,700 tonnes (60% higher year-on-year). It should also be noted that Kazakhstan also tripled apple imports from Azerbaijan (3,800 tonnes) and Uzbekistan (about 3,000 tonnes) in the period from July to November 2012.