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November 23 2017, 10:53 Fruit-Inform

Poland: cucumber prices up

Polish growers have been raising their cucumber prices, according to FreshMarket. As a result, prices have grown by 14-17% since the beginning of this week and now vary between 1.66-1.90 euro/kg.

The Polish market participants connect positive trend with a rapid decrease in the supply of cucumbers, as the majority of domestic farms have already finished their season of the second crop. Others offer their produce in small quantities.

Traders try to compensate shortage of supply by imports from Spain. However, buyers often complain of the quality of Spanish cucumbers. Under those conditions, domestic growers manage to sell their produce at prices 20-23% higher year-on-year. Meanwhile, the market participants expect the price growth rates to slow down by the end of the week, as buyers are also often unsatisfied with the quality of domestic cucumbers.

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