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December 26 2017, 17:54 Fruit-Inform

Polish vegetable production up in 2017

In 2017 Polish vegetable production has grown year-over year and turned out to be higher than preliminary expectations of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), reports Fruit-Inform referring to FreshMarket.

According to the official data, in 2017 vegetable production reached 4.6 mln tons in Poland, whereas in the previous year it had amounted to just 4.547 mln tons. It is worth mentioning that in September this year GUS experts expected it to remain at the level of 4.5 mln tons.

Growth in production is linked mainly to an increase in vegetable yields in Poland thanks to favorable weather conditions in the first half of autumn this year. At the same time, surplus rainfall in a number of Polish regions has led to active spread of fungoid diseases. As a result, the percentage of nonstandard produce has gone up notably, resulting in both lower volumes of vegetables put in storage by farmers and quality issues during their storage.