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December 28 2017, 15:02 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: cucumber prices fall below last year’s levels

Despite closer New Year and Christmas holidays, Ukrainian cucumber sellers are forced to reduce their prices, according to Fruit-Inform. As a result, they have already fallen below last year’s levels.

Cucumber prices now vary between UAH 40-42/kg (EUR 1.20-1.26/kg), against no lower than UAH 48/kg (EUR 1.44/kg) just a week before. Meanwhile, gherkin price are relatively stable and stand at UAH 58-60/kg (EUR 1.74-1.80/kg).

Ukrainian market operators link such a price trend with the fact that large wholesale companies and retail chains more often prefer to purchase cucumbers in small volumes due to low retail sales rates. As a result, sellers’ stocks of unsold produce are rather high, and its quality has been worsening.

It is worth mentioning that current cucumber prices are lower year-over-year in Ukraine. We would remind you that they stood at least at UAH 52/kg at the end of December 2016. Moreover, Ukrainian market analysts leave open the possibility of prices to continue to go down in the nearest time.