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January 12 2018, 17:29 APK-Inform

Poland: Chinese cabbage prices up

The situation in the Chinese cabbage market in Poland has shown positive price trend since the beginning of 2018, reports Fruit-Inform referring to FreshMarket.

According to international experts, Chinese cabbage prices grew by 12-14% in the country over that period. Now domestic growers offer their produce at PLN 1.3-1.7/kg (EUR 0.31-0.41/kg), while at the beginning of January Chinese cabbage prices did not exceed PLN 1.5/kg (0.36/kg).

Market players link this trend with several factors. Firstly, Polish exporters resumed their shipments to the foreign markets. Secondly, many growers started to ship their produce from CA-storage facilities.

As a result, Chinese cabbage prices grew by 21-24% as compared with the same period of 2017. Moreover, Polish growers said of further intentions to raise their prices, referring to active sales in the external markets.

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