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January 18 2018, 10:09

Russia goes on developing domestic production of greenhouse vegetables

In 2017 greenhouse area in Russia marked a rise of nearly 10% amounting to 2,600 ha. Total production of horticultural produce grown under cover is expected to reach 930,000 tons, reports Agroinvestor.
According to the Association of Greenhouses of Russia, the level of vegetable self-sufficiency in Russia has been growing thanks to to high rates of the industry development. Cucumbers, followed by tomatoes, are the top segments, accounting for 66% and 31%, respectively, of the total volume of Russian greenhouse vegetables. Other crops account for 3% of vegetables grown under cover.
The county’s cucumber self-sufficiency from March to October amounts to 90-95%, from November to February it totals 50%, according to the data of the Association. The rest is offset by imported produce. Tomato self-sufficiency is approximately half as high as cucumber one: in winter tomato supply is capable to cover only 20-25% of domestic demand. The regions with lettuce and herb greenhouses can almost fully cover their local demand for lettuces, parsley and dill; however, suppliers can face serious problems with long-distance transportation of these perishable products. As for other greenhouse crops such as eggplants, bell peppers, zucchinis, small radish, their imports can reach 95-100% in the periods of growing demand.
According to the Association, total self-sufficiency of vegetables in Russia can significantly differ in a particular region, especially when in distant or hard-to-reach ones.

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