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January 19 2018, 17:56 APK-Inform

Ukraine: tomato prices down

Tomato prices have marked a rapid fall in Ukraine showing 25% decrease over this week, reports Fruit-Inform referring to its daily monitoring data.

Now sellers offer tomatoes at UAH 35-38/kg (EUR 0.99-1.07/kg), which is much lower than a week before, when the maximum price reached UAH 50/kg (EUR 1.41/kg).

Market players explain such a negative trend by low demand in this segment. Wholesale companies and retail chains buy tomatoes in small quantities referring to consumers’ low demand. Moreover, quality of tomatoes is often unsatisfactory.

As a result, now tomatoes are 13-16% more expensive than in the second half of January 2017. In addition, Ukrainian market operators admit the possibility of a further decline in prices.

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