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January 23 2018, 17:00 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: banana prices down

Now banana prices show a negative trend in the Ukrainian market unlike the last week, when pricing in this segment marked the rapid growth rates, reports Fruit-Inform.

Bananas have become 6-8% cheaper in Ukraine since the beginning of the week resulting at UAH 33-35/kg (EUR 0.93-0.99/kg). For comparison, a week before, maximum prices in the Ukrainian banana market were as high as UAH 38/kg (EUR 1.08/kg).

Sellers were forced to reduce their prices due to a significant fall in banana sales rates caused by another price growth of these fruits in the previous week.

It is also worth mentioning that for now banana prices in Ukraine are 50-70% higher against the same period of 2016. Nevertheless, market players admit the possibility of a further decline in prices, which is linked with growing stocks of unsold produce.  

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