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January 30 2018, 14:59 Fruit-Inform

Ukrainian tomato exports reach 10-year low

Ukraine has showed a rather drastic drop of its presence in the external tomato market in 2017, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the official data.

According to the customs statistics, Ukraine exported only 21,000 tons of tomatoes in 2017, marking a decline of 41% against the previous year. Consequently, Ukrainian tomato exports reached their 10-year low.

Moreover, industry experts say of a sharp decline in exports of tomatoes from Ukraine to its main destinations. For instance, shipments to Belarus (the leader in imports of Ukrainian tomatoes in the past three years) tumbled by 41% to 17,600 tons. As for Poland, the main export destination in the EU, the figure marked a fall of 36% amounting to 1,800 tons.

The total tomato exports from Ukraine to the EU reached slightly more than 3,000 tons in 2017, which were 21% less compared to 2016.

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