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February 1 2018, 13:34 Fruit-Inform

Poland boosts frozen raspberry imports from Ukraine

Ukraine has managed to boost exports of frozen raspberries to Poland by 70% since the beginning of the season, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the official customs data.

From June to December 2017 Poland imported record high 5,700 tons of Ukrainian frozen raspberries, while over the same period of the previous season this figure had reached only 3,000 tons.

It is also worth mentioning that Poland remained a traditional leader in imports of frozen raspberries from Ukraine, accounting for 66% of Ukraine’s total exports since the beginning of the season 2017/18. Remaining 44% were as well shipped to the EU in the majority of cases, showing a 40% increase over the current season.

Overall, Ukraine exported 8,600 tons of frozen raspberries in June-December 2017, marking a rise of 34% compared to the same period of 2016/17. Market analysts link positive trend with both an increase in domestic production and lower raspberry production in the majority of the EU countries.

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