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February 2 2018, 10:19 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine reduces banana imports from Ecuador

Ecuador and Costa Rica have shown a significant decline in banana exports to Ukraine over the current season, reports Fruit-Inform.

According to the official data, Ecuador shipped only 32,800 tons of bananas to Ukraine in September-December 2017, which was 56% less compared to the same period of the previous season. Therefore, Ecuador risks losing its leadership among the banana suppliers to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Colombia is very likely to become the top exporter of these fruits to Ukraine as its shipment volumes were slightly less than Ecuadorian ones, amounting to 32,400 tons. As a result, Colombia has boosted banana exports to Ukraine by 12% against 2016 figures.

Costa Rica ranked third. However, it also lost ground in the Ukrainian banana market. Costa Rica managed to export only 12,000 tons of bananas to Ukraine in September-December 2017, marking a 45% decline compared to the same period of 2016.

It is also worth mentioning that Mexico has increased banana exports to Ukraine to 6,000 tons over the period under review, a 60% rise against September-December 2016.

Overall, Ukraine imported 85,000 tons of bananas in September-December 2017. Hence, consumption of these fruits in the country fell by 35% against the previous season.

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