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February 14 2018, 12:30 ITAR-TASS

Russia imposes import ban on some Belarusian companies

Rosselkhoznadzor has banned apple imports from 31 Belarusian farms since February 14 following the results of inspections, reports TASS.

“Rosselkhoznadzor banned imports of fresh apples from 31 farms of Belarus to the Russian Federation, which accounted for 37% of the total number of inspected farms,” the agency notes.

The decision was made to prevent imports of agricultural produce to Russia from countries under the import ban, Rosselkhoznadzor reports.

On February 1-9, Russian experts visited 84 Belarusian apple exporters, which had shipped apples to the Russian market. As a result, 31 farms had no apple stocks, despite the fact that in December 2017 - February 2018 those farms shipped apples to the territory of Russia.

Rosselkhoznadzor imposed bans on shipments from Belarus repeatedly in view of the re-export. For instance, since December 8, 2017, Russia restricted apple imports from FKKh “Esfir” (Brest Oblast) and FKKh “Polesie-GMI” (Brest Oblast). In case of further fruit origin falsification of phytosanitary certificates issued by the Main State Inspection on Seed Breeding, Quarantine and Plant Protection of Belarus, Rosselkhoznadzor may impose import ban of fresh apples to Russia from all the farms in Brest Oblast.

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