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February 26 2018, 16:27 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: walnut exports worth $101 mln

According to Mr. Andriy Yarmak, Economist of the FAO Investment Center, in 2017 Ukrainian walnut exports stood at $101 mln accounting for 24% of the total exports of horticultural products worth $414 mln.

For comparison, in terms of value fresh fruit exports from Ukraine amounted to $94 mln with the share of 23%. Hence, nuts provide more export earnings than all fresh fruits combined.

“Nevertheless, a rise in nut exports has not been observed in recent times. Corruption schemes prevent the transparent exports of goods, continue to negatively affect the industry and reduce export earnings. Meanwhile, new intensive walnut orchards will produce crops in 2-3 years, giving an impetus to the industry,” the expert emphasizes.

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