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March 23 2018, 13:41 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: cucumber prices up again

Cucumber prices have again started growing in Ukraine after a sharp fall in the past week, according to Fruit-Inform.

In particular, now Ukrainian farms are offering their cucumbers at UAH 26-35/kg (EUR 0.80-1.08/kg), depending on quality, variety and region, a rise of 30-40% since the beginning of this week.

Positive trend is backed by several factors. In the first instance, the price growth is backed by a significant fall in the supply, as greenhouses’ harvest volumes have fallen due to bad weather conditions. Meanwhile, imports from Turkey are extremely low.

Nevertheless, even after such a sharp rise, prices are still 30% lower year-over-year, and Ukrainian market participants expect them to go down again after a rise in supply.

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