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April 12 2018, 16:53 Fruit-Inform

Cucumber prices sharply down in Ukraine

Cucumber prices have been rapidly falling in Ukraine, according to Fruit-Inform. Since the beginning of this week, cucumbers have become 32-38% less expensive.

Now Ukrainian greenhouse farms are ready to ship cucumbers at UAH 30-35/kg (EUR 0.94-1.09/kg), and gherkin prices vary between UAH 43-45/kg (EUR 1.34-1.40/kg). For comparison, prices often reached UAH 72/kg (EUR 2.25/kg) a week before.

Market analysts connect negative trend with a significant rise in the supply, as greenhouse farms’ harvest volumes have increased thanks to warm and sunny weather conditions. In addition, traders continue to import cucumbers from Poland, which are offered at least at UAH 30/kg in Ukraine.

Thus, current prices of Ukrainian cucumbers are averagely 20% lower year-over-year, and many market players expect them to continue to go down due to growing supply.

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