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June 21 2018, 09:31 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: prices of first volumes of apricots a third lower year-over-year

Ukrainian growers have recently started their apricot season. However, prices of first volumes of domestic apricots have already fallen below last year’s levels, according to Fruit-Inform.

Now growers are ready to sell their apricots at UAH 10-15/kg (EUR 0.33-0.49/kg), depending on variety, quality and producing region. This year the Ukrainian apricot season started averagely a week earlier than in 2017 thanks to more favorable weather conditions.

Meanwhile, harvest volumes been rapidly growing now due to high temperature; therefore, the supply is currently prevailing over the demand. In addition, prices are under the pressure of rather large supply of fruits grown by unprofessional farms.

Thus, prices are too low for farmers, and they can leave a part of their apricot crop on trees in view of rather high labor costs.

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