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February 14 2019, 09:26 Fruit-Inform

Ukrainian frozen berry exports likely to exceed 50,000 tons in 2018/19

Ukrainian Horticultural Association (UHA) analysts have increased their forecast of Ukrainian frozen berry exports in the season 2018/19 (June-May) in view of unexpectedly high volumes of exports in January 2019.

Mr. Fedir Rybalko, Head of UHA, believes that Ukraine stands a good chance to export more than 50,000 tons of frozen berries in the current season.

"We revised the export forecast in view of an increase in prices of frozen berries in the international market in December-January, which stimulated exports of Ukrainian exports", said Mr. Rybalko. "As of the end of January, Ukrainian frozen berry exports exceeded 40,000 tons, a rise of 33% compared with the first 8 months of the past season. We expect the exports to reach another 11,000-12,000 tons in the rest of the season, so the total volume of exports in the season 2018/19 is expected for the first time to exceed 50,000 tons", he added.

It is also worth mentioning that Ukrainian frozen berry exports were valued at $67 mln in the first 8 months of the current season, an increase of 42% year-on-year. In January 2018 exports went up by 27% and 26% in the volume and value terms, respectively, compared with the same month of 2017. In total, the Ukrainian frozen berry exports can reach $85-90 mln in the season 2018/19.

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