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March 12 2019, 11:22 Fruit-Inform

Ukrainian fruit and nut exports reach $24.8 mln in February

In February 2019, Ukrainian exports of fruits and nuts were record-breaking and reached $24.8 mln.

The exports grew by 10% compared with January 2019 and exceeded the February 2018 figure by one third. In the first two months of 2019, Ukraine earned $47.4 mln from exports of fruit, berries and nuts, an increase of 22% year-over-year.

According to EastFruit, exports in February more than doubled in two years: in February 2017 total exports of fruits, berries and nuts did not exceed $11.5 mln, thus taking just a half of those registered two years after.

Walnuts were still the main product of Ukrainian exports, and in February 2019 they accounted for about 64% of the total export revenue. However, their share went down from last year's figure of 77%. Experts note that a fall in the share of walnuts in revenue was caused by a decline in average prices as well as an increase in revenue from exports of fresh apples, frozen berries and fruits. In February 2019 apples accounted for 14% of the total exports in the value terms from Ukraine, against 8% a year earlier and 4% two years earlier

In February 2019 frozen berries accounted for 21% of Ukraine's total exports in the value terms, although in February last year their share did not exceed 14%.

Experts say earnings from exports of fruits, nuts and berries are the highest in November each year, after which they begin to decline until July. However, in 2019, growth in export earnings is quite possible in March or April, since stocks of apples, walnuts and frozen berries are still very high in Ukraine.

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