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March 26 2019, 12:00 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine has low demand for cucumbers

Ukrainian retailers are increasingly refusing to purchase large volumes of cucumbers, justifying their decision low demand for these products from consumers. Moreover, sales rate of cucumbers to wholesale companies also slowed down noticeably, reported analysts of the Ukrainian Horticultural Association (UHA).

In the Ukrainian market, the supply of cucumbers continues to grow gradually, as the harvest volumes in local greenhouse centers are increasing, including due to the relatively warm weather in most of the country. All these factors have already been affecting a negative impact on pricing in this segment. In particular, a week ago the prices for cucumbers in Ukraine did not fall below UAH 57/kg ($ 2.12/kg), but today cucumbers is sold from UAH 50 to 59/kg ($1.86-2.91/kg) depending on the variety, as well as low-quality produce with limited storage life is shipped from UAH 45/kg ($1.67/kg).

Nevertheless, cucumbers in the Ukrainian market are almost twice as expensive as at the end of March 2018 despite the negative price trend. But analysts of UHA are confident that the rate of decline in prices for these products in Ukraine will only accelerate, because more and more greenhouse centers become ready to start of sales of new harvest's produce.

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