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October 24 2019, 13:56 Fruit-Inform

International Trade Forum & Retail Center - Kiev, Ukraine, December 5

Fruit-Inform offers a unique opportunity for international fresh produce suppliers and buyers to open the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market within just a day during the 9th International Trade Forum & Retail Center on December 5th in Kyiv, Ukraine.


For suppliers, the event offers an opportunity to meet with more than 15 Ukraine’s biggest national and regional retail chains (90% of the Ukrainian retail sector), the majority of which prefer to import directly from international growers and suppliers. In addition, the trade forum will be joined by about 7-8 Ukraine’s largest fresh produce importers.

For buyers, the trade forum is a unique event to speak directly to the leading Ukrainian growers and exporters of fresh apples, cherries, blueberries and other berries, greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, melons and watermelons etc. Growers and exporters are pre-selected by the organizers, are mostly GLOBALG.A.P. certified and already experienced in fresh produce exports.


As of today, the trade forum’s list of retail chains and importers includes the following companies:


For suppliers, the registration fee for the trade forum totals 780 euro, and it includes participation of two delegates from a company on December 5 as well as:


For buyers, the trade forum organizers offer special participation conditions, inclusive of a reduced registration fee as well as:


Foreign suppliers and buyers can also participate in the conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2019. Export Breakthrough!” (December 3-4) at an additional cost.


To learn more about the event and register your participation, please contact Fruit-Inform:

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

+380 96 5836323

[email protected]

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