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March 3 2021, 16:15 Fruit-Inform

Berries of Ukraine: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market Conference in upgraded format – FTrade Club Berries, April 8-9, Kyiv

Fruit-Inform, the author of the leading berry business conference in Ukraine over the past 11 years, announces the start of registration for 2021 event, which is upgraded to a new format of FTrade Club Berries.

This year the main meeting of fresh and frozen berry market players in Ukraine will include:

Key subjects to discuss during FTrade Club Berries meeting:

Key organizational moments:

The first meeting of FTrade Club Berries is supported by Prestige Fruit Company, Ukrainian Horticultural Association, Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, East-Fruit and Eco-Park Company.

On any questions concerning participation in the meeting of FTrade Club Berries residents, please contact Fruit-Inform:

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

+380 96 583 6323

[email protected]

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