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December 24 2001, 11:44 APK-Inform

Nine millions and 28 thousands hectares were planted as Crop 2002 - final updates read

According to the final data released by the State Statistics Committee, all types of farms planted 9 mn 28 ths. ha as crop 2002 winter grain crops and silage crops (not including rape) which makes it 100,5% of the predicted figure.

The best indicators were shown by farms from Mykolayiv and Crimean Autonomous Republic, respectively 117,5% and 114,6% compared to predictions, the worst were - Ternopil and Chernivtsi Oblasts, respectively 77,3% and 84,8%.

Moreover on private plots crops planted reached 1 mn. 11 ths. ha, or 139,2% from predicted. Farms of all types of ownership and legal status planted totally 8 mn. 17 ths. ha, or 97,1% from predicted.

Winter grain crops made up 8602 ths. ha., of which wheat - 7155 ths. ha., rye- 831 ths. ha, barley - 613 ths. ha, vetch - 2,8 ths. ha.

Winter forage crops including rape were planted over 426,5 ths. ha, or 94,8% from predicted. Small private plots made up 7,1 ths. ha, whereas farms of all types of ownership and legal status planted totally - 419,4 ths. ha. The highest figure from predicted was reached by Mykolayiv Oblast - 118,8%, and the lowest - by Ivanofrankivsk Oblast - 41,3%.

In addition, rape for grain was planted over 90,4 ths. ha, or 87% from predicted.

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