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January 4 2002, 13:39 UNIAN

The Cabinet adopted measures to develop markets of mineral fertilizer and chemicals

Ukraine's Cabinet issued a Dec. 28, 2001 decree on "Adopting the schedule of measures to develop the market of mineral fertilizers and chemicals for 2002 -2004", said the press service of the government.

According to press-service, the schedule of measures stipulates that in December 2001 the Ministries of Industrial Policy, Agrarian Policy, Economy and on European Integration, Finance, Health Protection and Ecological Resources are to develop measures to provide agriproducers with domestically manufactured competitive mineral fertilizers and chemicals. During the first half of 2002 the ministries of Industrial Policy, Agrarian Policy, Finance, and Economy are to present to the Cabinet their proposals on legislative regulation of subsidized crediting of domestic producers of mineral fertilizers and chemicals as well as proposals on expedient use of domestic deposits of phosphorous ores to produce phosphorous and compound mineral fertilizers.

During 2002-2004 such ministries as Economy, Industrial Policy, Agrarian Policy shall encourage priority procurement of import raw materials to manufacture domestic chemicals and also encourage production of new agrochemicals and pesticides.

In addition, during 2002 the ministries of Agrarian Policy, Industrial Policy, Economy and Finance shall encourage the development of mineral fertilizer and chemicals market network (by virtue of introducing distributors) as well as develop and ensure the functioning of the schedule on interconnected development of marketing agricultural produces, mineral fertilizers and chemicals.

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