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February 7 2002, 12:54 UkrInform

8 year olds and older combines may pas the gates of Ukraine until Sept 1st.

As an exception, the government took a decision at the Feb 6 Khmelnytskyi meeting to allow imports of self propelled combine harvesters into Ukraine which are 8 years old or more.

According to Leonid Kozachenko, the Vice-Premier such a decision will allow to harvest early grain crops faster because the acreage per combine in Ukraine is 1.4 times higher than in Russia, and 4.5 higher than in developed countries.

Because local combine producers cannot make enough combines, said the Vice-Premier, the government plans to authorize the Finance Ministry, MinAP, Ministry of Industrial policy to provide for maximum financing of domestic combine producers so that starting from this year Ukrainian combines hit the fields of the farmer.

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