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April 8 2002, 16:21 UkrInform

CNFA. Ukraine hosts annual meeting for the first time

APK-Inform journalists report that CNFA Agribusiness Alliance Kyiv is hosting the annual meeting this time entitled Moving Up the Food Chain and Adding Value.

This time Ukraine is honored to meet and hear leading agribusinesses from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, other CIS countries and other people who either have worked on agribusiness projects in Ukraine or have an interest in exploring today's potential of Ukraine.

Many participants comment that this conference is very timely.

Many burning issues are discussed with such figures as Premier Kozachenko, US Ambassador Carlos Pascual, and CNFA President John Castello.

This meeting attracted leading chemical companies like Dupont, leading agrimachinery traders like Agco, leading banks as well as versatile range of various agribusinesses from all over the globe.

Corporate management problems, food processing and foodstuffs retail issues were already addressed and discussed. Certain materials from this conference will be passed to both the government and the parliament for further review in hope of serious review by the said bodies and possible innovation and amendment to be passed by the newly elected Parliament.

Ukraine showed 50% increase in agriculture investments within the past year.

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