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April 9 2002, 12:16 UNIAN

Ag equipment to become of Ukrainian-Kazakh origin

UNIAN reported that a new JV is to hit the ag machinery market in terms of both grain harvesting equipment and tractors soon, announced Ukrainian Premier Kinakh to Alma Aty press conference Apr 8th as part of Eurasia economic summit.

According to him, Kazakhstan is interested in cooperation with Ukraine on this issue and Oleksandria based Lan combine plant will become the whereabouts of the JV in question.

This JV shall unite KhTZ (Kharkiv Tractor Plant), KhKB (Kherson Combine Plant) and other Ukrainian producers of agrimachinery.

Presently, a concrete governmental program is being developed as far as aforementioned cooperation is concerned.

Kinakh said that both countries should replace thousands and thousands of agrimachinery units. On the other hand both countries shall not allow massive imports of such equipment to prevent them from taking a dominant position on the market for many years to come.

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