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April 12 2002, 17:26 Interfax-Ukraine

Animal skins to go untaxed

Interfax-Ukraine reported that Ukrainian government lobbies exemption of taxes from exports of live animals and animal skins through the legislative branch - the VR.

According to Vice-Premier, the government will propose the VR to adopt the draft law canceling export duties on live animals and animal skins.

According to this VR law as of May7, 1996 on export duty in terms of live animals and animal skins this export duty amounted to 30% of the commodity customs value, but no less than ECU400/MT for livestock skins, 30% but no less than ECU1/MT for sheep skins, and 27% but no less than ECU170/MT for pig skins.

Only if the farmer himself decides to export the aforementioned commodities then he is exempt from paying export taxes.

The VR repeatedly rejected the review of the draft law calling for the said tax exemption.

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