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April 23 2002, 14:59 UkrInform

Substandard meat destroyed both domestic and imported

UkrInform reported that Ukrainian national veterinary authorities found large amounts of substandard and dangerous foods on Ukrainian store shelves and not only.

In particular, in Volyn Oblast a truck transporting about 20 MT of meat and more than 1.2 MT of beef lever had forged documents. At one of the freezers in Dnipropetrovsk some 10 MT of poultry mince and 6 MT of beef lever was found without any documents of origin or quality.

One of the Kyiv warehouses kept more than 6.5 MT of poultry meat without proper documentation. All the above products were confiscated and destroyed.

Ukrainian veterinarians also stated that all meat both imported and domestic found improperly stored, processed or sold is subject for confiscation and destruction.

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