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April 24 2002, 13:14 APK-Inform

Only chosen drop their rates

APK-Inform journalists report that Hryhoriy Zoub, the Finance and Credit Department Chief at AIC Ministry claimed that although the government took measures and dropped the discount rates for commercial banks not all commercial banks follow the rules.

According to Zoub Aval and Pryvatbank set their loan interests lower.

Thus, Aval while giving loans within Jan-Feb used 28-32% rates dropped the latter down to 25-30% as of Feb 21, 2002 once the Presidential decree become effective. Pryvatbank also dropped its loan interest rates from 30-36% to 27-32%.

PromInvestBank and UkrExImBank rates remained the same. Moreover, Saving bank "Oshchadbank" even increased its loan interest up to 27-30%.

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