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April 29 2002, 10:02 UkrInform

Last year the state compensated nearly 650 million hryvnias to peasants of Ukraine for turned over milk and meat

Sergey Ryzhouk, the Minister of agrarian policy reported that the state paid out to peasants of Ukraine over 647 million hryvnias of compensation for turned over milk and meat (i.e. 14 kopecks for each kilogram of the product) last year.

According to his words, "it's not much, but it's still the noticeable support of the small-scale agriculture". At the same time, the Minister indicated that it takes on a great importance to preserve the quality conservation of milk on the way from manufacturer via collector and processor to the seller. Especially to take into consideration the international standards of the milk quality which are adopted this year.

So, by Serhiy Ryzhouk's conviction, the future of the agrarian Ukraine, including the milk production, belongs to the large-scale industrial agricultural formations. It will permit to maintain all the technological procedure of the product process on high quality level. Now, as the Minister said, there is a positive tendency of regeneration the cattle-breeding branch in the reformed sector to take shape.

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