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May 22 2002, 13:18 UkrInform

Smuggled meat and products in Ukraine showed above 20%

UkrInform reported that according to Ukrainian Vice-Premier Kozachenko, above 20% of all meat sold in Ukraine is smuggled in country through businesses registered in free economic zones.

So, in Feb-Mar 2002 law enforcement and customs offices detained or returned about 2,000MT of unhealthy meat and products worth about US $1.5mn.

Measures taken hampered such imports and on the Ukrainian-Polish border refrigerator trucks lined up in a line reaching 100 vehicles, which did not have their documents in order, and this is another sign that substandard and unhealthy foodstuffs do enter Ukraine.

The Donetsk Oblast alone imported through special zones above 10,000 MT of poultry from the US with unpaid import taxes worth US $11mn. Cumulative loss through unpaid customs clearance in the year 2001 added up to US $56mn.

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