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May 23 2002, 09:18 APK-Inform

Chatting on chicken issues again. US chicken to follow a special diet

APK-Inform reported that US-UA negotiations on issues of poultry imports continue. The Chief Veterinarian of the country, Petro Verbytskyi said as of May 22 that a number of meetings were held between representatives from US Embassy and Ukrainian authorities including Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Economy, AIC-Ministry.

The option to resolve this issue as of today is a special certificate where all parties agree what will be imported following the rules and regulations of Ukraine and meets the standards of both the exporter and the importer.

"This certificate will call for no antibiotics diet for growth stimulation, no disinfectants spraying, no ionizing, no preservatives, dyes, etc," said Petro Verbytskyi.

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