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May 29 2002, 14:27 APK-Inform

Only 78 percent of farm machinery is tuned for harvesting. Belarus might help in exchange for corn and rye

According to Mr. Volodymyr Sachenko, who heads scientific & technical policy department of Ukrainian Ministry of Ag Policy, only 78 percent of farm machinery is prepared for the new crop harvesting, which equals 57200 units. Besides, farms have imported around 5,000 units of machinery from other countries to complete this year's harvest. To be able to complete the harvest, Ukraine is planning to borrow 4,000 harvesters from neighboring Belarus and will pay back for the service with corn and rye, which are in a great demand in Belarus. According to the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Mr. Ryzhuk, the Ministry is planning to propose higher subsidy to domestically produced farm machinery and equipment, raising it to 40% in order to boost domestic production of farm machinery.

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