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June 6 2002, 09:42 APK-Inform

Adding up revenues from Agro 2002 show

APK-Inform reported that it was announced at the press conference as of June 5th that revenues from sales in course of the show 2002 amounted US $2.3mn whereas contracts signed value is assessed at US $15.6mn and letters of intention showed US $ 23mn of potential business.

Press conference announced that the show 2002 outperformed the show 2001.

The number of participants in 2002 was 1,384 encompassing farms and firms involved in agribusiness of which 1,197 were local and 187 came from abroad.

Total sales of Ukrainian State Department of Agrimachinery amounted 41 units worth US $ 472,000.

Cattle sales at Agro 2002 showed 2,500 heads of livestock and other animals worth around US $ 3mn.

About 130,000 visitors came to see the show.

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