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June 7 2002, 17:00 UkrInform

Farmers to appeal to the Ukraine's President hoping for price leveling

UkrInform reported that Association of Private Farmers (APF) announced June 6th on the press conference that it plans to appeal to the President and the VR along with the Cabinet about taking urgent measures to stabilize pricing policy in the agrarian sector of Ukraine's economy.

The people's deputy and the APF president Ivan Tomych said that farmers were pushed by the fact that lately serious financial loss took place in the livestock sector. For the latest two months prices for raw milk dropped three times whereas prices for diary products on the retail market remains unchanged.

Disparity of prices makes the livestock sector unfeasible and unattractive for farmer. Petroleum market also has to be revised as during recent months fuel prices grew 1.6 times leading majority of farmers to the brink of bankruptcy.

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