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June 12 2002, 17:13 APK-Inform

Wanted: US $1bn to successfully complete land reform in Ukraine

The APK-Inform reports that the seminar devoted to Ukrainian agrarian policy study included a speech of the Deputy State Secretary of AIC-Ministry Roman Schmidt who gave a high estimation of the WB's activity in Ukraine especially in the area of agrarian reform especially in helping the land code developing.

Mr.Schmidt stated that starting from late 1999 when President Kuchma issued a well-known decree on agricultural reform, 11,000 businesses changed their form of ownership transforming into 15,000 new businesses smaller in size. Of these 15,000 there are 10% of private farms, 23% of private businesses, 49% of associations, and 13% of coops.

All this in view of Mr.Schmidt tells us that the trend goes for private land ownership in rural communities.

However, not all farmers yet received their land titles. No hypotecary banks have been established so far. To make this happen, believes Schmidt, Ukraine needs at least US $1bn.

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