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June 11 2007, 12:00

"Sandora" sale - company's official statement

On June 7th 2007 PepsiCo and PepsiAmericas companies signed the agreement on the purchase of 80% of "Sandora" company interest, the leader of Ukrainian market of juice-based non-carbonated drinks. The purchase of the remaining 20% of shares will be finished by the end of the third quarter of the current year. The amount of transaction includes the cost of tangible and intangible assets of the company, and also the arrears under loans and financial leases.

The agreement will officially enter into effect after 90 days after it's signed. In the framework of the joint enterprise PepsiAmericas will manage the operational business of "Sandora" company, PepsiCo will be directly involved in the brand development.

To the opinion of the market analysts, this agreement can be called "the largest deal on the territory of the former USSR". Igor Landa, the Executive Director of "Sandora" company, says that the entrance of such a well-known and powerful strategic investor, Pepsi company, to Ukrainian market was undoubtedly a positive trend both for "Sandora" company and for Ukraine in the whole. PepsiCo company accumulates the world experience and the business culture, so that it is capable to bring a huge potential to the development and further prosperity of "Sandora' company and the juice industry in general. We have consolidated our position on market; we have become stronger.

PepsiСо is one of the largest transnational beverage producing companies in the world; the affiliated PepsiAmericas company is the producer, seller and distributor of the PepsiCo drinks.

"Sandora" LLC is the leader of Ukrainian juice market; the company occupies 47% share of this market (according to MEMRB data). The producing capacity of "Sandora" company includes the plant for fruit and vegetable processing and juice production (village Nikolayevskoye, Nikolayev region); juice producing plant (village Meshkovo-Pogorelovo, Nikolayev oblast); two fruit and vegetable processing plants (village Rodnikovoye, AR Crimea; village Kazachyi Lageri, Kherson oblast).

The trademark portfolio of the company includes seven juice brands (Sandora, Sandora Classic, Sandora Exclusive, Sandora Fresh Berry, Sandorik, Sadochok, Dar), cold tea "SANDAY" and two wine brands, "Golden Olvia" and "Celebration Collection". More than 300 items represent the product assortment line of the company.

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