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August 9 2001, 15:46 UkrInform

I. Kirilenko: Limiting administrative decisions won't be made at the grain market

The Ministry of Agrarian Politics won't make any administrative decisions limiting grain moving. Weighted price politics satisfying farmers as well as traders will be pursued. Minister of Agrarian Politics Ivan Kirilenko announced about this during a round table meeting of "Grain and farm arithmetic" on August 8.

However the Ministry won't stay aside from price formation at the grain market, while price regulation, according to the Minister, will be done precisely by economical methods. "We need to remain 1.5 months with 3rd class wheat price of 650 hryvnyas per ton", - said the Minister. Especially in this period significant price decrease is possible. With this aim the State Reserve Fund and state joint-stock company "Khlib Ukrainy" during the mentioned period plan to purchase 1.5 million tons of grain from farmers, which will decrease offers at the market, and thus grain prices will remain at the current level. In addition, for grain sold to these enterprises farms may receive about 1.5 billion hryvnyas necessary for undertaking of fall field works.

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