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August 14 2001, 12:21 Interfax-Ukraine

Ukraine will purchase nearly 2.5 million tons of grains in order to prevent decreasing of prices on it

The State will purchase nearly 2-2.5 tons of grain in August-September so as not to let prices on grain decrease.

Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh informed the media on August 13 in Kiev that such commission was given to Committee on State Material Reserve, State Joint Stock Company "Khlib Ukrainy" and "Ukrkoopspilka" by the government.

According to the Prime Minister, it will allow to "balance" supply and demand on new crop grains.

In this connection the Prime Minister reported that at present for realization of this task "very serious and tense work" with commercial banks is held in order to receive 1 billion hryvnyas till the end of August - the beginning of September, and nearly 2 billion hryvnyas till the end of the year.

This credits are planned to be received on "economical terms" so as with their help to balance prices on grains and achieve respective economical and financial results from selling of the agricultural production.

A. Kinakh is sure that the government together with State Reserve Fund, in particular with its new head Vladimir Kuratchenko, will manage to fulfill this task. He emphasized that such actions of government are demanded by "huge grain crop in the country".

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