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March 19 2004, 13:25 Agrarian Marketing Project

Agricultural Marketing Project Has Selected 21 Farms to Establish Demoplots in 2004

As it was announced earlier in "Agrooglyad" journal, Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) is planning to establish demoplots in target oblasts. The aim of demoplot creation is not only to improve existing and implement new technologies of vegetable production in different ground and climatic zones of Ukraine. It focus also at agricultural producers retargeting on production of marketing attractive vegetable commodities.

As a result of conducted competition on establishing demoplots in farms and other fruit and vegetable producers' lands in 6 AMP target oblasts twenty one farm were chosen:

Lviv oblast:

Farm "Revera", Zhidachiv rayon

Farms "Yarko", "Galychanka", "Pervotsvit", Pustomytovsiy rayon

Production-commercial enterprise "Shchedraya niva", Brody rayon

Zakarpattya oblast:

Farm "Paska", Beregovskiy rayon, v. Blazhievo

Farm "Khashcha", Beregovskiy rayon, v. Diyda

Farm "Goryzont" Vinogradiv rayon, v. Gudya

Cherkasy oblast:

Collective farm "Yabluneviy sad", Zvenigorod rayon, v. Shevchenkove

Collective farm "Akra", Chernobayiv rayon, v. Melniki

Service Cooperative "Lyudmila", Cherkasy rayon, v. Khudyaki

Poltava oblast:

Farm "Izyuminka", Poltava rayon, v. Vaski

Private entrepreneur Gryga V.O., Poltava rayon, v. Vasylivka

Collective farm "Oberegy", Poltava rayon, v. Glukhove

Cannery "Globus", Globino rayon, v. Stepnoye

Odesa oblast:

Farm "Lan", Kiliya rayon, island Kislitskiy

Joint-stock company "Selkhoztekhnika", Shiryaevskiy rayon, v. Shiryaevo

Limited Liability Company "Avangard", Ovidiopol rayon

AR Crimea:

Farm "Hasitoshvili", Pervomayskiy rayon, v. Pravda

Farm "Mriya", Saki rayon, v. Krasnoye

Farm "Nektarin", Krasnogvardeyskiy rayon, v. Maryanovka

The seeds for demoplots were donated by leading seed companies, which are widely represented nowadays on Ukrainian market. In particular, our partners on establishing demoplot are such companies as Nunhems, Rijk Zwaan Ukraine, Agrimatko-Ukraine, Agroparteks (official distributor of Sakata company), NVP Antaria, SV-Impex (official distributor of Enza Zaden and Taki companies), Leda (official distributor of Seminis company), Holland Seeds (official distributor Bejo Zaden company), Aramis (official distributor Kloz Tezje company).

Farmers - AMP clients will produce 20 marketing attractive varieties of fruit and vegetable commodities. The preliminary agreements are signed on supply demoplot commodities to processing enterprises, supermarket chains and public catering facilities.

This way private agricultural producers will have an opportunity to increase the profitability of own production business thanks to assortment extension proved by economic data, implementation of modern technologies and new varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops, development of new sales channels.

The Project will assist farmers to develop new methods of effective production and marketing of fruit and vegetable commodities, which will be in demand among consumers and profitable for producers. This activity will foster maximum profits for producers bearing moderate expenses.

More details about demoplots, assortment of produced crops, technologies and conduction of trainings and field days you can inquire in central or regional AMP offices.

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