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September 15 2020, 13:36 Fruit-Inform

Join top speakers of Blueberries in Eastern Europe Webinar!

Blueberries in Eastern Europe, International Webinar on the long-term blueberry market outlook for the Eastern Europe, organized by Fruit-Inform, will start its work at 13:00 (CET), Sep 17, Thursday, and involve top speakers from Ukraine and other European countries.

Webinar Sep 15

The webinar’s agenda will include speeches and presentations done by the following experts:

The webinar will run in English. Registration for the event is free of charge, but participation is limited. You can join other participants by filling out a registration form available here.

Each pre-registered visitor will also be granted with a 10% discount for the fundamental study “The Blueberry Market in the Eastern Europe 2020”, which results will be presented during the webinar.

Please feel free to contact us on any questions concerning the webinar or the study:

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

+380 96 5836323

[email protected]

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